福田博子Hiroko Fukuda:遊筆書家× わこうし Wakoshi

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福田博子Hiroko Fukuda:遊筆書家× わこうし Wakoshi

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「遊筆 書家 福田博子」 

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Artist project
From kanji kawaii Bar

the collaboration

Your cartoon or your picture +Kawaii kanji character by Hiroko Fukuda.
We are looking for the artists who would like to collaborate with us
by offering Hiroko Fukuda's Kawaii kanji character as computer data.
In expo and festival,
we saw some art works which include cartoon and
kanji but in most case,
the kanji characters are computer font.
if you use Hiroko's Kawaii playful kanji in your work,
it gives impact on your art work.
Hiroko admited that the collaborating artist deforms her work
because she is confident with her work.
Shall we collaborate by using computer data of Hiroko's art work?
遊筆書家・福田博子 http://fukuda-hiroko.wakoshi.jp/
「1940年生れ、東京都出身。桑沢デザイン研究所を経て、 26歳で文字の基本を学ぶため
書道家 井垣北城{(1912年 - 1984年)山内春苑に師事}に

・1997年出版 観ー福田博子・遊筆の世界ー
・2000年伊勢丹新宿 美術画廊
・2002年静岡伊勢丹 美術画廊
・2008年Japan Expo in Paris 出展
・2009年Japan Festival in London 出展
・2009年日英150周年Japan Matsuri in London 入選 UKアーティストとの合作(Carlos from Nipponaisuki)
*Japan Matsuri - London Japan Festival 2009
Celebrating the 150 year Japan/UK relationship in style
*Japan Matsuri: Competition for Visual Artist
Nipponaisuki artwork chosen as one of the winning entries!

・2009年12月日英ファッション誌「ラミネート(LAMINATE MAGAZINE)」に掲載
LAMINATE is a magazine that dedicates itself to fresh and acclaimed creators from the Uk-Japan- Art-design-Fashion fields and pretty much mixing all three together, with its main focus bridging the distance between London and Tokyo creatives.

Hiroko [Hiroko Fukuda]

Hiroko, the calligrapher artist expresses
the characteristics to the NEW WORLD OF KANJI KAWAII POETRY
on washi (Japanese traditional handmadepaper), and T-shirts etc.
She is pioneering a new wonderful world of elements of calligraphy.
Her TECHNIC is named "yuu-hitsu (Kawaii playful touches)"
Yu-hitsu calligrapher, Hiroko Fukuda
An artist, Hiroko Fukuda
She was born in in Tokyo in 1940.
She was belonging at Kuwasawa design laboratory and when she was 26 years old,
she became a discipline of a calligrapher to learn the basis of the characters.

When she was 40 years old she started art activity individually.
She continued private exhibition which is called “Yu-hitsu with Japanese black ink and color” for 17 years.
In 1993,

her exhibition was held in Beijing China, where is the “home” of calligraphy and evaluated high.
At the exhibition in Paris which was held in 1994, Parisian were attracted by the “Mystery of the Orient”.

Her later exhibition in New York attracted the local people and an article about her art was carried in a famous art magazine.

As a calligraphy artist, she makes most use of the Kanji character in the daily life by using, them in on Kimono fabric, earthenware, various interiors, logo production and so on.

The collaboration with UK artist "DeadlyKawaii(Nipponaisuki)"

Collaboration with UK artist. "DeadlyKawaii:Nipponaisuki"

Recently, Hiroko art project collaborates on the work to an overseas artist(UK).

She is making uniting the work that exceeds the country (Orient and West) and time (modern and classics).

Collaboration work
(uniting: Overseas artist Graffiti + Hiroko Fukuda's kawaii calligraphy)

He is DeadlyKawaii who I met in Japanfestival London.

{the artist description:}
UKアーティスト[ DeadlyKawaii ]

DeadlyKawaii:Nipponaisuki is a London based artist, working
as a freelance artist, creating across a range disciplines such as
illustration, design, animation or whatever media & artforms he can
get his hands on.

DeadlyKawaii:Nipponaisuki's art is rapidly growing, making his mark as a
talented fresh evolving artist. He creates a style that is bold and
strong, yet detailed and unique.
He is heavily influenced by Japanese
culture (ancient & modern) and fuses it to create his original style
and unique character designs.

DeadlyKawaii:Nipponaisuki's art appeals to
Western audiences as much as Eastern and interest for his work is
growing from all over the world."
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